Welcome to Ki'i Nani by Bo Bergemann - Current Public Open Hours: Tues, Wed, Fri, & Saturday Noonish - 5PMish.
66-437 Kamehameha Highway, #101A, Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

Contact us at: any time (if your email goes to our junk mail photo would be the only reason we might not respond so try texting the # below!)

Text Only: 808-330-2543 (We do not answer this phone, but we do respond to texts usually within 24 hours, often sooner so long as we are not eyeball deep in some messy art making or asleep - Hawaii Time, or some other time depending on where Bo is at any given time zone depending on where her travels take her.)

More Info:
Hawaii now boasts one of the most spectacular doll shops in the world today! This place is worthy of New York City or Paris but actually hand finished to be a perfect fit for Haleiwa on the famous North Shore of Oahu. World renown internationally acclaimed doll artist Bo Bergemann has come home to roost and share all her gifts and talents with her Hawaii Ohana. She has also brought with her some of the most exquisite original fine art dolls from the world's most amazing doll artist Bo is privileged to call friends made during her adventures in the world's doll industry attending all the best shows and conventions all over the world for nearly the past decade. This place is truly innovative unlike any place else in the world so seeing it in person is an opportunity not to be missed. This is Bo Bergemann's finish studio & teaching studio in addition to being the world's premier fine art doll gallery. Generally open Public Hours will always be current here because Bo travels extensively in her line of work. She is a Comic-con San Diego panelist annually, has an event at Modern Doll Collector's Convention yearly, and is a featured artist at many dolls shows and conventions through the world. When she is not at home on Oahu, this place is not open. So checking here before driving to Haleiwa is encouraged as hours will change often! If you head over to the Teaching Studio link above left, you will find the current class offerings and times which are both during and outside of normally public open hours. - Tarien Lace
Dolls, BJD's (ball jointed dolls), Fine Art Dolls, Collectible Dolls and more! Bo is a Maui girl who has lived on Oahu since graduating from UH decades ago. She raised her family here while taking care of some of the state's most medically fragile foster babies.
Bo made dolls as a beloved hobby for 2 decades then went into business nearly a decade ago now taking the world's doll industry by storm with her creativity and attention to the finest details in her original artist dolls.
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Ki'i Nani caters to kids with an American Girl & other 18" dolls line of clothing, shoes & accessories. Both affordable stuff and true dolly couture for fine art doll and BJD collectors. Bo also has her own original collectible vinyl doll line: Trendy & Swag.
Ki'i Nani is a truly original destination more beautiful than any doll shop in the world today! Bo has made friends with many of the world's most sought after doll makers and is bringing some of their very fine work to be offered at Ki'i Nani in her desire to serve as Hawaii's Doll Store and the world's most incredible Fine Art Doll Gallery with the most incredible fine art doll's in the world under it's roof! Because this is Bo's finish studio so you can also see a real doll artist at work and ask questions. Bo is always happy to share. Classes will begin this October for those who want to enjoy some doll crafting for themselves! Check out our Teaching Studio linked above to the right.
Ki'i Nani by Bo Bergemann is easy to find right on Kamehameha Highway look left as you past McDonalds. It is in the same building as the Haleiwa Post Office just before the Post Office if approaching from Honolulu and just after if approaching from the beach.
Whether you are a resident looking for something truly amazing to do on Oahu like taking a class or a doll lover looking to enjoy your passion or have a special child you want to help enjoy a special day, or a visitor from around the world, this place is not to be missed!
This shows just a peak of what's in store for you. Ki'i Nani has Bo Bergemann's private collection of award winning dolls on display. There is even a Pirate Ship chandelier, a doll sized boutique and dressing room, stage and scale model of the 1920's Orpheum theatre. The place is truly magical!
Ki'i Nani can also be experienced online and shipping is free in the USA or with a minimum $60 purchase to anywhere in the world via USPS.
Contact the staff at Ki'i Nani with questions any time!
Ki'i Nani Ohana